Our Services

We always strive to offer a consistent, candid, and constructive dialogue; an approach that delivers short-term results and maintains long-term relationships.

Our experienced consultants utilize a unique combination of industry knowledge, rigorous market research, data analysis, supported by an extensive network as well as rich database. We utilize the upright standard of professionalism to ensure clients that all profiles forwarded have been carefully filtered and the potential candidates have been thoroughly interviewed and briefed on the respective job opportunity.

Results drive us, and we will not get paid until the successful candidate is placed in our clients’ organization. This principle ensures the clients that they will see only the best candidates.

Executive Search

Trust is the key to delivering a personalised, innovative and exceptional service that goes beyond merely delivering the right candidate. Therefore, gaining trust from the clients is our main mission.

With years of experience in executive search, our team of headhunters have the necessary skills and tools in place that will help the clients achieve their objectives and reach extraordinary growth. To ensure that our clients have the greatest chance to successfully hire the candidate they want, we design and follow an advanced in-house search process. We start by building a deep understanding of your strategic priorities, corporate culture, and technical requirements. Our consultants will then apply experience and expertise to determine which candidates have established themselves as being “best in the field”.

Our Methodology

Candidate Sourcing

  • Advertising
  • Database Search
  • Internal & External Networking
  • Search / Headhunting

Candidate Selection

  • Resume filtration
  • Phone screening
  • Face-to-face competency and behavioural interview
  • Short-listing

Interview Process

  • Interview arrangements
  • Providing comprehensive interview details to candidate
  • Post interview follow up

Selection and Placement Process

  • Reference checks on shortlisted candidates
  • Confirmation of successful candidate appointment and acceptance
  • Pre-employment arrangement and post placement follow up
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