General Accounting Manager (For a Leading Group of Companies)

Posted on: 12 May 2023


  1. To supervise/advise Chief Accountants as necessary and take responsibilities for timely completion and accurate financial reports of:
  2. Consolidation of Group’s monthly and year-to-date financial reports
  3. Consolidation of Group Annual Profit & Loss Budget and Revised Budgets
  4. Compilation/consolidation of Budget and Actual Performance comparisons on monthly basic
  5. Group end of year accounts closing and produce financial reports for BOD
  6. Timely completion of end of year transactions/adjustments for Corporate including provision for doubtful debt, provision of aging inventories and other adjustments as required by management
  7. Preparation of end of year profit appropriations of company and support as needed
  8. Monitoring and assisting of projects accounts especially Argi-commodity trading project
  9. Checking and supporting of CA completing monthly Supplier Balance Confirmations
  10. Making sure company’s completion of end of year and six-monthly Inventory, AP and AR confirmations in set time frame
  11. Providing weekly/monthly reports as may be required by CFO and COO
  12. Take responsibility to conduct and implement tax compliance data base/records as required by Tax Unit Director
  13. Develop and implement accounting control, policies and procedures to ensure that the assets, revenues and expenditures of the organization are property stated and accounted
  14. Monitor and supervise company’s daily transactions are completely recorded in accounting systems
  15. Act as system administrator for financial software and provide supports as required by Chief Accountants
  16. Regularly audit and review company, subsidiaries, project for inter-company reconciliation and confirmation
  17. Assist in interviewing and hiring personal, instruct and train all employees on correct methods and procedures in conformity to generally accept accounting principles, monitors and inspect work in progress to ensure continuity and timely completion of work, supervise, review and evaluate employee performance
  18. Responsible for Fixed Asset additions, deletions and depreciation schedules balanced to year end financials
  19. Prepare, manage and coordinate annual audit with outside auditors and department
  20. Established reporting procedures and ensure they are adhered to and monitored


  1. Must have a B.Com/CPA (or) B.Com, ACCA
  2. Must have 10 years above experience
  3. Proficiency in accounting software and must be use with SAP Software
  4. Must be able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook Mail and Microsoft 365 proficiently
  5. Leadership abilities

Other Information

  1. Salary: Negotiable
  2. Working Days: Monday to Saturday (9:00AM to 5:00PM)
  3. Working Location: Hlaing Township, Yangon

If you are interested in this job, please email your resume to or call 09970178877 other information.

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Last modified: May 12, 2023
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