Supervisor Improvement Engineer Position With Attractive Salary (5 Working Days)

Posted on: 11 Jul 2019

Job Requirements & Job Description

  • Creates, encourages, implements and maintains of continuous plant operation and work system improvement to ensuring that the plant’s overall performance are moving toward the manufacturing excellent concept.
  • Driving continuous improvements through project implementation, continuous improvement activities and production support to achieve operational excellence. This includes (but not limited to) areas such as: EOHS improvements, Purchase and installation of new equipment, Identification and implementation of machine efficiency improvements, Change over time reduction, Quality improvement issues, Review and improving maintenance practices and spares parts requirements to improve equipment reliability and to reduce UPDT
  • Provide engineering technical support for production team to optimize the efficiency of operation and maximize production output.
  • Identification of throughput increase opportunities and implementation of continuous improvement activities to increase capacity.
  • Supports, Coordinates to complete Root Cause Analysis and implementing corrective actions
  • Responsible for implementing new projects including preparing basis of design with consultants and Original Equipment Manufacturers and finalizing design with operations team
  • Ensure all documentation systems are complete and updated accordingly with project and continuous improvement activities
  • Supports Engineering Manager for DQ, IQ and OQ for new installations
  • Supports Quality system and process implementation
  • Works with EOHS team to promote and maintain safety environment in CPMM plant
  • Participates in FTG project, i.e., Energy Savings
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor

If you interest please send a CV to the following E-mail address or contact to the following phone number.
E-mail               –
Phone number – 09971321717

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Last modified: July 17, 2019