Account Officer- M/F( Foreign Oil & Gas Company , 5 Working Days )

Posted on: 6 Nov 2019


  • Age : 28 – 32
  • Education: Bachelor degree preferred with Economic
  • Qualification:    Minimum LCCI Level III, Excel accounting, Computer literate, can speak English fluently and knowledge of any accounting  software.
  • Experience:    Minimum (5) years in the accounting field with the knowledge of tax laws and familiar with tax offices & law/ accounting firms in Myanmar.

Job Description for Accounts Officer Position is as follows;

  • Managing a good relationship with banks, tax offices and governmental offices.
  • Handling journal entries and bank reconciliation
  • Handing Invoices, payments (both international and domestic)
  • To work in association with MOGE/HQ-Finance and shall keep books and accounts; reflecting all Petroleum Costs consistent with international petroleum industry practices and proceedings as described in PSC; which are subject to audit by MOGE or the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar within two Financial Years.
  • The Accountant in association with MOGE/HQ-Finance would prepare/submit Financial Reports to MOGE within thirty (30) days of the end of each calendar quarter: – report of expenditure and receipts under the contract analyzed by budget item showing: – actual expenditure and receipts for the quarter in question; actual cumulative expenditure to date; latest forecast of cumulative expenditure at year end; variances between budget expenditure and actual expenditure; and explanations therefor.
  • Besides prepare/submit cost recovery statement for each quarter to MOGE; and at reasonable intervals prepare inventories/insurance of all controllable material including valuation of material, labor and related costs as per PSC.
  • In addition Accountant will be assisting Independent Auditor/ HQ Finance for jobs related to annual audit and the accounts and records of Petroleum Operations and report thereon.
  • To withhold and pay the withholding tax, commercial tax for the payments made for goods and services and for all Income Tax and other levies if any, for expatriate personnel of contractor, its contractors and sub-contractors for the portion of their income in Myanmar.
  • To prepare license applications and to pay to appropriate authorities import duties, customs duties, sales tax and other duties levied wherever applicable; particularly for items not for field use.
  • To prepare budget estimates of branch office.
  • Other function involve providing support for procurement of material/ equipment & services for the contract area.
  • Estimation /disbursement of compensation according to the existing laws for losses and/or damages for land, crops, trees and/or plantations, relocation of houses, etc… to owner affected by the Petroleum Operations under this Contract.
  • To budget/disburse funds or assist to procure material for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Contract Area.

Interested Candidates are welcome to submit CV to in Word Format with PHOTO attached. For more information, please contact +959 970178877

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Last modified: November 6, 2019